Face 2 Face Entertainment Conference (F2FEC)


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2018 Venue

Experience. Passion. Opportunity.

THANK YOU for inviting me and encouraging me to share with the group. You guys are the best and provide the most uplifting conference I've ever attended.

Phil Zacheretti
Phoenix Theatres Entertainment

You Amigos have literally inspired me to "put on my big boy pants” and make the changes that I’ve been agonizing over for years, so thanks again for the most productive and thought-provoking event I’ve attended.

David Bishop
Sally Corporation

F2FEC is like attending Harvard Business School…and every other conference or workshop the industry offers is basic high school. Each year F2 helps me make more money and get better.

Scott Stillings
Box9 Entertainment

Coming to the forum was an eye opener and meeting, talking and learning from old friends and experts was the best. Now it is time to implement the many great ideas that were shared at F2FEC

Neil Farren

The conference was IN-CRED-IBLE. Content was just fantastic. Location was awesome. Proud to be involved.

Brad Little
Hey Day Entertainment

I made a number of good new connections and have a handful of action items to continue to up our game. Thank you for another great F2FEC experience.

Scott Sanders
Octane Raceway

I love this event and appreciate all of the planning and preparations that go into making it the inspiring and engaging masterpiece that it is!

Jen Waldo
Brunswick Bowling Products

I have attended many conferences throughout my career, both in and outside the industry, and this was by far the best. The information was relevant, presenters on point, and the social interaction was invaluable.

Chris Albano
Stars and Strikes

WOW! The Amigo's did it again. I am humbled by yet another session that has fueled my 2017. You're passion commitment grit knowledge integrity and importantly you're caring serves as a beacon to us all.

Ron Malinowski
Bobs Space Racers

This is a quick note to say thanks for what was for me the best conference I've participated in during my soon-to-be 38-year industry career. You blew my expectations completely out of the water. 

Peter Gustafson
American Amusement Machine Association

I had a blast at F2FEC! It's a great concept and you and your team executed it flawlessly. Kudos to the amigos!

Robert Sax
SAX PR/Marketing

I learned so much just in those couple of days spent with all of you. I’m taking back to my office a ton of inspiration and a bunch of ideas on how we more useful to the FEC community. 

Ingrid Adlum Milkes
RePlay Magazine

Each year F2F has succeeded in advancing your vision and this past week the Amigos exponentially raised the bar. No one in the industry will even come close to matching the quality and production value that F2F has achieved.

Alicia Lavay
Vending Times Magazine

It was by far your best event and the content, the people, the facility, and the entire process was exceptional. Way to go and I think everyone left with a ton of energy and enthusiasm.

Jon W. Brady
Player One Amusement Group

Thank you again for putting on such a wonderful event. It really is first class and I come away with new partnerships, ideas, and goals each time.

Armando Lanuti
Creative Works

Congratulations on another great conference. Not that I doubted but I did wonder how you could continue to raise the bar this year. You did it! The material and, perhaps especially, the production quality was really first class.

George McAuliffe
Pinnacle Entertainment

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The value of being in the room at F2F is that everyone has something to share and everyone has something to gain. We are all going to participate in an event relevant to our needs, our challenges, our interests and our future.

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