Face 2 Face Entertainment Conference (F2FEC)


What is F2FEC?

Face 2 Face Entertainment Conference (F2FEC) is three days of intense, interactive business discussions, led by an array of the most accomplished professionals in the industry. Through powerful group sessions and the willingness to share wisdom for the success of each other, you will have exclusive access to the insights and trade secrets that keep your FEC profitable, relevant, and memorable.

F2FEC is no Summit and it’s not your typical conference.

F2FEC is a conference for the entertainment center industry’s elite. It’s different. F2FEC is bigger, badder, and bolder than any other amusement or entertainment industry conference. F2F forgores the yawn traditional, 45-min PowerPoint presentations in favor of a collaborative, engaging environment where everyone’s voice matters.

“I love this event and appreciate all of the planning and preparations that go into making it the inspiring and engaging masterpiece that it is!”

Jen Waldo
Brunswick Bowling Products

At F2FEC, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with high-level decision-making operators, manufacturers, suppliers, and professionals. You’ll participate in robust presentations and discussions with fellow professionals. While sharing and gaining insight together, you’ll create lasting business connections enhance the prestige of the industry, and gain the tools you need to make more monoey and achieve a greater level of sucess.

Through fast-paced discussions, multiple learning sessions, and social networking opportunities over dinners and drinks, you’ll leave with long-lasting relationships and a deeper understanding of your business and its future.

Who are the Three Amigos?

The Three Amigos–Rick Iceberg, Ben Jones and George Smith–created the Face 2 Face Entertainment Conference to fill a much-needed gap in direction and leadership for the FEC industry. While 2015 marked the inaugural F2FEC conference, the trio were the architects behind FEC Pheonix in 2013 and after a brief pause returned with a bigger, badder, bolder and different conference experience; F2FEC.

“The value at F2 is that everyone has something to share and everyone has something to gain. We are all going to participate in an experience relevant to our needs, our challenges, our interests and our future.”

Ben Jones, Co-Founder F2FEC, FEC Specialist, Live Oak Bank

"True opportunities come from the cross pollination of knowledge. F2F brings together diversity, influencers and the best of the best to inspire and help each other stay relevant and ahead of a changing industry.”

George Smith, Co-founder F2FEC, President / CEO FEG Group

"The Amigos started with the vision of Share, Engage, Grow™ to propel the industry forward by encouraging operators to form relationships, embrace change, invest to live, and grow our businesses to make more money.”

Rick Iceberg, Co-Founder F2FEC, President, CJ Barrymores

Each F2FEC Amigo-founder has established a unique, renowned reputation in the FEC industry, forming the trifecta that is The Three Amigos. Together, the Amigos have a combined 102 years of experience in family entertainment. That’s 714 in FEC years.

Headshot of Rick Iceberg

Rick Iceberg

Headshot of Ben Jones

Ben Jones

Headshot of George Smith

George Smith

Rick Iceberg

Rick Iceberg started in the entertainment business in 1974, and has quietly been building the 25-acre C.J. Barrymore’s in Clinton Township, Michigan into one of the industry’s finest FECs. Rick served on the board of the International Association of Leisure and Entertainment Industries (IALEI) and is a former no-nonsense contributor to the International Associations of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) FEC committee–making his voice for entrepreneurial leadership receive unparalleled admiration.

Rick was the driving force behind the format and content of the groundbreaking FEC Phoenix conference, and his passion for improving the industry by sharing results is legendary. As a spirited member of the Three Amigos, Rick pushes change and the content envelope for the ultimate F2FEC experience.

Ben Jones

Ben Jones is a spirited entrepreneur, adventurist and business owner. Ben has a 20-year history as a multi-facility developer and operator of FECs and has been involved with more than 18 business start-ups and acquisitions. His expertise extends from commercial real estate and family entertainment centers to event planning and professional sports.

Ben is a chartered recipient of the IAAPA Certified Attractions Executive (ICAE) certification, completed a six-year run with IAAPA as its FECs specialist, and is the co-creator of the FEC Phoenix conference format. As one of the Three Amigos, Ben is the architect behind the Face 2 Face Entertainment Conference and EPIC experience.

George Smith

George Smith has been in the entertainment/amusement business for more than 30 years. During his industry tenure, he has been involved in all facets of facilities operation and management, including owner, operator, supplier, designer, manufacturer and distributor. As the former VP of Operations for Namco Cybertainment, George dealt with all aspects of day-to-day facility mangament, including the operation of nearly 500 store locations.

George now leads multiple companies–most notably he is the president of Family Entertainment Group–and operates high-profile FECs in more than a dozen states. George is a past president of IALEI, a former member of the IAAPA FEC committee, the co-creator of FEC Phoenix, and a highly respected voice and ambassador to many of the industry’s leading companies and organizations. As an Amigo, George completes the founding trio and brings ambassadorship to the F2FEC Experience.

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The value of being in the room at F2F is that everyone has something to share and everyone has something to gain. We are all going to participate in an event relevant to our needs, our challenges, our interests and our future.

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