Face 2 Face Entertainment Conference (F2FEC)

2016 - 10X Better

A brief recap of 2016 F2FEC
10X Better

Action may not bring happiness, but there is not happiness, without action

10X Better is the push to be better, to elevate what you do and to elevate what we do as an industry. We don’t want to be considered the best of the best, we want to be considered the best at what we do. By taking small incremental steps and focusing on the things within our control we can all elevate our businesses; become better marketers, service provides and purveyors of fun, socialization and togetherness.

Face 2 Face Entertainment Conference (F2FEC) was three days of intense, interactive business discussions, led by an array of the most accomplished professional in the industry. Through powerful group sessions and the willingness to share wisdom for the success of each other, you had exclusive access to the insights and trade secrets that keep your FEC profitable, relevant, and memorable.

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2016 Venue

San Diego, CA

Kona Kai Resort & Spa

The 2016 F2FEC event was hosted at the Kona Kai Resort & Spa in San Diego, California, February 23-25, 2015. The Kona Kai Resort & Spa is chock full of activities, adventures, and amenities. From lazing on our private beach, to enjoying cocktails poolside. From paddle boarding and kayaking to chartering a sailboat or fishing off the pier. From badminton to bonfires, your request is our desire. Images provided by the Kona Kai Resort & Spa.

2016 Speakers

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2016 Partners

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