Face 2 Face Entertainment Conference (F2FEC)


F2FEC partners differently. We ask our network of Alliance Partners to join with the Amigos and meet at the intersection of giving, humbleness, sustainability, leadership and applied action.

F2FEC partners with the entertainment and leisure industry’s best and most progressive, innovative, diverse and respected companies and professionals on a level playing field. Partner sponsorships offer no tiers, no colors, and there is no buying of exposure. A partner relationship with F2FEC and the Amigos leverages everything that makes F2FEC, F2FEC: relationships, knowledge-sharing, diversity, transparency and our approach to education and presentations and net-take-away.

A partnership with F2FEC is unique, relationship-driven and brings with it the power to create change and lead an industry.

As the FACE 2 FACE GATHERING experience nears we will update this page with links and contact information for each of our Alliance Partner sponsors.

Would you like to partner with F2FEC Experiences?  Join us. Apply below.

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F2FEC is reserved for the best in the industry. All applicants are personally reviewed and approved to ensure the integrity of this exclusive conference. Should your company be in the room?

Be in the Room.

The value of showing up to Be in the Room™ at an F2F Experience is that everyone has something to share and everyone has something to gain. WE are better than me, and WE are better together! We are all going to participate in events relevant to our needs, our challenges, our interests and our future. Join us!

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