Face 2 Face Entertainment Conference (F2FEC)

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Meet Face-to-Face with the Most Successful and Engaging People in the FEC, Leisure and Out-of-Home Business

The Face 2 Face Entertainment Conference (F2FEC) is an exclusive event for industry leaders who share a passion for the business and aspire for advocacy and collaboration with fellow professionals. The F2FEC application process ensures that each and every attendee is dedicated to the future success of the industry.

The real power of Face 2 Face is presenting stories and experiences in such a way that people see what’s possible. The peer-to-peer connection that’s built deep into the core of the F2F Experience means opportunity. We ask attendees to spend time meeting as many people as possible and then we hope to stimulate relationship building so that meeting someone becomes real engagement. Through F2’s programming, we hope to inspire the people in the room to move beyond comfortable, to listen, to be open to outcome and to be a connector.

F2FEC is not part of any association or trade organization and as such we are selective in attendance as a way to create high-level engagement and ensure value. We can and will be exclusionary for the benefit of our facility owner attendees, and our Alliance Partnerships with sponsors and media. Attendance at F2FEC is by application. We read every application, and actively seek out experienced, seasoned operators, leading thinkers and doers across a wide range of leisure and entertainment sectors.

We are not quite ready to announce the theme for the next F2FEC Experiences.

We will come together F2F to strengthen relationships and lead the industry. Join the Amigos. Theme, dates and places to be announced.


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Our People

Seasoned. Experienced. Owner. Senior Level. Decision Maker.

  • Pleasant to be around.
  • Equal parts teacher and learner.
  • Intellectual honesty. (No fishing stories)
  • Willing to speak of failures as well as successes.
  • Willing to share operating statistics and financial results.
  • Contribute to conversations by adding to the discussion, not high-jack the topic.
  • Respectful of others and their opinions.
  • Prepare (for the benefit of all) to contribute.
  • Willing to set aside the time to respond to pre and post conference inquiries and surveys.
  • Will respect peer attendees implied request for discretion & confidentiality.
  • Agrees to the responsible and ethical use of information learned.
  • Check his/her ego at the door.
  • Open to outcome.

Our Philosophy

The opportunity to attend F2FEC comes with an equal and opposite obligation to participate fully in the spirit of the vision and goals of F2FEC.

F2FEC attendees will join forces with the brightest minds across the industry – creating a powerhouse network with a wealth of knowledge to fill each discussion and session. Together, you’ll participate in high-level collaborations and presentations to stay up to date on cutting-edge industry trends, technology, and developments. Gain insight from renowned speakers, expand your professional networks and elevate the business of ECs for all.

As the elite Entertainment gathering, F2FEC will be the mechanism for leadership and change. The global FEC, Leisure and Out-of-Home entertainment industry is currently lacking fundamental and unbiased leadership. Many professional trade events gather under a façade to promote products and services or have self-serving agendas. Trade associations have not filled leadership roles, established industry goals, or set an industry-wide vision that challenges the communities and sectors to be better and do more.

Founded to enhance the entertainment center business, F2FEC focuses on what’s now and what’s next – looking ahead to embrace the future. This focus not only benefits the industry overall, but benefits all those who make a living in the industry – those who have established themselves in the industry.

Stay Relevant. Change Now. Grow Now. Lead Now.

The time for F2FEC is now.

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Experience. Passion. Opportunity.

Thank you so much for an amazing 3 days in Colorado. It was truly inspirational and humbling to be in the room. I cannot say enough to my peers about the conference and you three guys. I have attended many Bowl Expos, MUBIG meetings, and other industry events, but this one was by far the best.

David Posternak - Spare Time Entertainment

Wow! Great conference! You Amigos have done a great service to the hundreds of people that attended, and the thousands they will affect. I've benefited greatly from the relationships and wisdom shared. Thank you.

Logan Checketts - Soaring Eagle

I admire what you guys have done over the last 5 years with respect to the F2FEC conference. Your efforts have clearly helped individuals better their operations, and in turn have made our industry stronger.

John Parlet - John’s Incredible Pizza

F2FEC delivered. Thanks for bringing us in the room with such an incredibly special community. We made friends and benefited from the values and core principles of the Imagine theme and program.

Ryan Jacobs - Cloud Spotter / Spot My Photo

Thank you so much for the most meaningful conference I have ever attended in my life. I took 25 pages of notes and have written a report for my senior team and colleagues. I have remained so inspired.

Glenn Gable - Roll House

Congratulations on having provided the industry with an outstanding program that far surpassed IAAPA in bringing together FEC operators from around the country.

Peter Oleson - Peter Oleson Company

We have been to many industry gatherings, in a variety of industries, over the years, and what you have created with F2FEC is truly special and unique. Thanks for what you have done.

Keith & Elizabeth Oelrich - Sky High Sports

F2FEC is like attending Harvard Business School…and every other conference or workshop the industry offers is basic high school. Each year F2 helps me make more money and get better.

Scott Stillings - Box9 Entertainment

I have attended many conferences throughout my career, both in and outside the industry, and this was by far the best. The information was relevant, presenters on point, and the social interaction was invaluable.

Chris Albano - Stars and Strikes

I am humbled by yet another session that has fueled me. Your passion, commitment, grit, knowledge, integrity and importantly your caring serves as a beacon to us all.

Ron Malinowski - Bobs Space Racers

This is a quick note to say thanks for what was for me the best conference I've participated in during my soon-to-be 38-year industry career. You blew my expectations completely out of the water. 

Peter Gustafson - American Amusement Machine Association

I learned so much just in those couple of days spent with all of you. I’m taking back to my office a ton of inspiration and a bunch of ideas on how we more useful to the FEC community. 

Ingrid Adlum Milkes - RePlay Magazine

Each year F2F has succeeded in advancing your vision and this past week the Amigos exponentially raised the bar. No one in the industry will even come close to matching the quality and production value that F2F has achieved.

Alicia Lavay - Vending Times Magazine

It was by far your best event and the content, the people, the facility, and the entire process was exceptional. Way to go and I think everyone left with a ton of energy and enthusiasm.

Jon W. Brady - Player One Amusement Group

Thank you again for putting on such a wonderful event. It really is first class and I come away with new partnerships, ideas, and goals each time.

Armando Lanuti - Creative Works

Congratulations on another great conference. Not that I doubted but I did wonder how you could continue to raise the bar this year. You did it! The material and, perhaps especially, the production quality was really first class.

George McAuliffe - Pinnacle Entertainment

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