Face 2 Face Entertainment Conference (F2FEC)

Three Amigos Announce the return of F2FEC for 2022 and beyond

The Amigos started F2FEC with a vision to bring together an industry by changing how leaders gathered, how information is shared, and how relationships are formed. FACE 2 FACE encouraged community over individualism and togetherness over autonomy and, with these founding principles, the F2F conference experience helped all those who attended develop new resources, expand networks, and enrich relationships. F2 created an atmosphere of responsibility for transparency and the sharing of information for the sustainability of all. These founding principles are as important today as they were with the first F2FEC Change or Die experience and they are needed now for all of our tomorrows.

PAUSE: We wanted time to think deeply and to make sure we were acting diligently, with the right purpose, enabling all business owners and proprietors to build an industry that is better than it was before, which is why we paused. We’re back – just as we said at the conclusion of Imagine. Our mission and purpose are still true, with even more urgency today. The new experiences the Amigos are planning will bring the industry together again in re-imagined and exciting ways. F2F is based on relationships and the understanding that we are better together and when experience, passion show up to Be In The Room™ opportunity follows.

WHAT’S NEXT: Change is inevitable and the Amigos remain flexible for planning and producing the next F2FEC Experience as the next several months are still weighted with uncertainty. Details and information will be posted on the F2FEC Nation Facebook page and here on the F2FEC Website. Be In The Room©.

Be in the Room.

The value of showing up to Be in the Room™ at an F2F Experience is that everyone has something to share and everyone has something to gain. WE are better than me, and WE are better together! We are all going to participate in events relevant to our needs, our challenges, our interests and our future. Join us!

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