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Face 2 Face Entertainment Conference (F2FEC) is a three-day experience of in-depth, interactive business discussions, led by an array of the most accomplished professionals in the industry today. Through powerful group sessions and the willingness to share wisdom for the success of each other, F2FEC provides the exclusive insights to remain on the profitable side of “what’s now” and “what’s next” in the entertainment industry.

F2FEC is a conference for elite leaders in the entertainment center industry. As the most unique event of its kind, F2FEC is bigger, badder, bolder and different than any other amusement or entertainment industry conference. F2F transitions traditional, long and stiff conference presentations to a collaborative, engaging environment.

“It’s a setting where anyone can ask questions, answer questions and truly dig into subjects with their peers. It’s all about content, conversation, community and leadership.”

– Rick Iceberg, co-founder, F2FEC.

At F2FEC, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with high-level decision-making operators, manufacturers, suppliers, and professionals. Attendees are encouraged to participate in robust presentations and discussions with fellow professionals. Sharing and gaining insight together creates lasting business connections, enhances the prestige of the industry and gives business leaders the tools they need to make more money and achieve an even greater level of success.

Relationship building with one another is made possible through fast-paced discussions, multiple learning sessions and social networking opportunities over dinners and drinks.


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