What is F2FEC?

What is F2FEC?
Face 2 Face Entertainment Conference. An exclusive event created for Entertainment Center operators and professionals. Designed to bring together the industries’ best from all sectors to engage in great conversation to compare, contrast, improve and remain on the relevant side of what’s next.
Is F2FEC a trade exposition?
F2FEC is not a tradeshow and no exposition hall with booths is part of the conference experience. There is limited space for product literature and partners should refrain from bringing a lot of brochures and give-a-ways. There will be many opportunities to meet one-on-one with the manufacturers, suppliers and professionals throughout the conference. Bring business cards and electronic files that you can email or share.

Is the F2FEC Experience Right for Me?

Why should I apply to attend early?
Space is limited and F2FEC will sell out. Attendees are invited to attend by Alliance Partners or may apply to attend through F2Conference.com. There is no on-site registration.
How much does it cost to register as an Operator Attendee for F2FEC?
The conference is organized on the principle of a level playing field and we offer one pass without discount. Attendee registration is $1,500 for our All Access Conference Pass. The attendee registration fee does not include travel or resort accommodations.
What does the All Access Conference Pass include?
Your Alliance Partner Invitation or Application/Registration Fee provides an all access Conference Pass that includes in short, everything related to the F2FEC Experience. More specifically: direct contact with all speakers and peer attendees; participation in all sessions and discussions. Socially, your Pass includes a Welcome Reception and dinner on Tuesday, all re-energizing breaks throughout the event, all meals including breakfast, lunch and breaks on Wednesday and Thursday; F2FEC Swag, prizes, and all conference materials are included.
How many people from my organization may I register?
Registered attendees from any one organization, whether Alliance Partner or facility owner operator, are limited to two (2). Diversity is one of the keys to a successful event. We need as many different types of facilities, management styles and ownership structures represented.
May I bring a spouse or my family to the F2FEC experience?
Family, no. Spouses, yes. We discourage bringing anyone who is not actively involved in your business. We seek high level, veteran executives who have the added responsibility of making daily decisions. There is a $500 social fee for any attendee wishing to bring a spouse or other guest to the receptions, dinner or other social activities. There are not functions or social events open to family or non-registered attendees or guests.
I am not a member of any industry trade association. Can I attend F2FEC?
Yes, absolutely. We seek to attract the best of the best in all categories and in all FEC sectors. You do not need to be associated with any group or trade association to be talented and willing to share knowledge.

Conference Application and Registration

I can only attend the conference one of two of the days. May I buy a one-day pass?
Partial day conference passes are not available. We only offer a complete All Access Conference Pass. Please speak to one of our Alliance Partners to learn about attendee registration options.

May I bring an additional attendee? Can I register them for the conference on-site?
There are no open social functions for non-registered attendees or guests. On-site registration is subject to availability: All conference pass on-site is $2,500. Spouse registration is $500 and all registration fees are non-refundable. We anticipate a complete sell out and there will be no on-site registration if the conference reaches capacity and sells out. Officially registration closed January 7, 2017.
How might I obtain a receipt for my registration?
Upon completing your application, your confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided through the registration process.
What should I do if I am unable to attend?
Please notify one of The Amigos: Rick Iceberg, Ben Jones, George Smith.
Because of the exclusive nature of F2FEC and the select mix of attendees from various sectors, refunds cannot be accommodated. Substitutions will be considered, but are not automatic nor guaranteed. No transfers without prior written approval from the event producers, the Three Amigos.

What social packages do you have for spouses so they can attend dinners and social hours only?
There is no social package or planning events. Spouse registration is $500. all registrations are non-transferable and non-refundable. Spouse registration includes the opening night reception, dinner and reception on each of night two and closing night three.

Location and Transportation

What is the address for the conference resort?

Chateau Elan Winery & Resort
100 Rue Charlemagne, Braselton, GA 30517
(678) 425-0900 Voice


What are my options for commuting between Atlanta and the Chateau Elan Resort?
Atlanta (ATL) is served by every major airline. Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson airport is the nations busiest airport.
By Limo:

  • The resort recommended services is Cooper Global: 866-723-5466. Reservations are required so please contact the service prior to your arrival in Atlanta.

By Uber:

  • Get the app for your Smartphone from iTunes or the Play Store, or www.uber.com. Uber rates to Chateau Elan from the airport are typically expensive.

By Car:

  • Approximately 60 miles and 60-65 minutes without traffic.
If I plan to drive, does the Chateau Elan Resort have parking facilities available?
Yes. Self parking is complimentary. Valet parking is also available for a fee.
Where do I check in for accommodations at the resort?
Front Desk located through the lobby to your right inside the main entrance to the Resort.
What attractions and local area amenities are near the resort?
Chateau Elan is the attraction in Braselton!
I am arriving early or extending my stay, what dining options are available?
For those attendees arriving early or departing a day or two after the conference concludes, the greater Atlanta area offers a great selection of attractions and dining options. Visit http://www.atlantadowntown.com/ to learn more. A reminder that meals are included (see above) with your All Access Conference Pass.


I haven’t made housing accommodations yet. What should I do?
Visit this link to book your accommodations or contact the Chateau Elan directly. The event booking code for F2FEC is “F2FEC”.
I made a reservation online, but haven’t received a resort confirmation yet from the Chateau Elan Resort?
If you registered online for housing at the resort, you should have already received a confirmation via e-mail. If you have not received a confirmation, please contact the Chateau Elan Resort direct at 678-425-0900 ext. 41 to reconfirm your reservation. NOTE” Chateau Elan as a 21 day cancellation policy. To avoid charges and penalties your registration must be cancelled prior to February 1, 2017.
What room types and facilities are available at the Chateau Elan Resort?
Chateau Elan Winery & Resort is a casually luxurious country resort.
Your registration includes a standard room. Room types and bed configurations are not guaranteed. Amenities include a balcony or patio, in-room coffee, internet access, and views of the gardens, winery or golf courses. 

Weather and Attire

What should I wear during the conference?
Wear whatever makes you happy! The conference will take place in an informal setting both indoors and weather permitting (average day 55°F and evening 45°F) outdoors, so appropriate attire is comfortable and casual. Dress comfortably for sitting throughout the day-long sessions. Most of our breaks and daily lunches will be staged outdoors(weather permitting) which means a sweater or jacket will be needed. Dinners are all planned for indoors.
What is the weather and temperature for the end of February?
Atlanta is in an unpredictable climate belt. With mildly chilly temperatures in February. Average High/Low: 36°F / 57°F. Just remember the weather is unpredictable. Light rain in February is likely. Plan for options. Sunrise is approximately 7:15 a.m. and the sun sets around 6.25 p.m. in late February.

Conference Information

Am I going to receive specific conference meeting materials prior to my arrival in Atlanta?
Yes, you will begin to receive pre-conference materials starting in early February 2016. All pre-conference materials will arrive via email and will include over the period of about 2 weeks the following: Q&A’s, self-assessment and check lists designed to help you and your peer attendees prepare thereby enabling you to get the most value from your F2FEC experience. Certain materials will be handed out on your day of arrival, such as your conference badge..
Will I receive event updates?
Yes. Both pre and post conference updates will be delivered via email to all registered attendees: Alliance Partners and VIP Facility Owners alike.
What is the first event of the conference?
F2FEC officially kicks off at 6:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 21st with an Opening Reception followed by dinner and concluding for the night with very social bar time.
When does the conference end?
The official start of F2FEC 2017 is Tuesday, February 21st at 6:00 p.m. Our signature welcome reception kicks off opening night, followed by dinner and late night libations in the bar.
F2FEC officially ends on Thursday, February 23rd at 4:15 pm. The Amigos are organizing a final Thank You reception and dinner to take place at the Chateau Elan Resort Thursday evening. All conference attendees are guests of the Amigos and invited to attend. Meet for drinks, afterwards in the bar.
Is there a facility tour?
A tour has not been confirmed and it is unlikely to be organized. Details will be forthcoming. A tour is not guaranteed.
Will food and beverages be available during the conference?
Yes. Tuesday evening will kick off the experience with a cocktail reception including passed hors d’oeuvres followed by dinner and bar social. Buffet breakfast Wednesday and Thursday, lunch each day of the conference programming, receptions Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; dinner Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and networking breaks with beverage and snacks throughout the days are included.
Will internet be available in the meeting throughout the conference?
There will be internet access within the ballroom. Complimentary Wi-Fi Internet access is available in the resort lobby and guest rooms. Multiple re-energizing breaks are scheduled during the morning and afternoon so you can catch up on your e-mails.
Can I send a substitute in my place?
In most situations, no. Substitutions will be considered on a case-by-case basis and are not automatic or guaranteed. Because of the unique mix of attendees and the highly exclusive nature of the F2FEC experience, substitutions cannot be guaranteed and refunds cannot be accommodated. There are no refunds from the Chateau Elan Resort.
Do you have some helpful conference hints?
Arrive to the meeting early. Stay late. Take advantage of the breaks and social times by engaging with your peers. Build friendships. Make sure to bring plenty of business cards for your networking opportunities. Keep a list of people you meet and want to contact after the conference. When the conference is over, be sure to complete the conference evaluation. Implement those ideas that you identify with.
Are you accepting proposals to speak at F2FEC?
There is no formal RFP process for the 2017 Experience. We are open to suggestions! Visit the Presenters section of this website for more information or contact Ben Jones directly. 

Alliance Partner Information

How will my company be recognized on-site as an Alliance Partner?
Sponsor logo banner in meeting room, signs with company listing and logos (front and back) at entrances to all events, reserved seating at some events, and recognition and call outs by event speakers or moderators when applicable.
What quantities of literature should I bring to distribute?
Small amount please. F2FEC is not a trade exhibition or a table top style show. Business cards and a flash drive will be your best items. Business cards are essential. We anticipate 200 total attendees, including peer sponsors.
How will the literature and promotional materials be displayed?
F2FEC is not a trade exposition. Please limit what you send or bring. F2FEC is a relationship building experience not a tradeshow. Promotional material, if any will be placed on designated tables in the conference ballroom. Materials should be placed prior to 8:30am on Wednesday morning and removed after Thursday’s close. Materials left over after the close of the event, will be discarded.
Can you tell me more about the product giveaway?
If you choose, you may bring a small product giveaway (pens, mugs, etc….) that you can display on the few provided networking tables. Remember, F2FEC is a networking conference not a trade exposition.
Will there be assigned seating for Alliance Partners?
Alliance Partners will be assigned seating at the general session on both Wednesday and Thursday, Tuesday Dinner, Wednesday and Thursday Luncheons and Wednesday dinner. Name tents will guide your company to seating.
What address can I ship my material and/product giveaway?
If you are staying at the host resort, Chateau Elan Resort, ship to the address below:

Your Name

Resort Guest – F2 Event

Chateau Elan Resort

100 Rue Charlemagne, Braselton, GA 30517

Phone: 678-425-0900
Please note that there are handling charges (Between $5 and $10 per box) and F2FEC will not be responsible for any handling charges of boxes being sent to the resort. If you are not a guest of the resort, you will be responsible for getting the materials to the resort on your own. Please do not ship any company or sponsor related materials to the resort titled F2FEC. Partners are responsible for their own materials.

Who has registered to attend?
Full attendee list will be sent to all registered partners and attendees post-conference within 10 – 14 business days following the event.
We are interested in being an Alliance Partner?
All Alliance Partnerships are by referral and invitation and are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Please contact one of The Amigos, Rick Iceberg, Ben Jones or Smith for more information. See contact details below.

Contact Details

I have a question that isn’t covered here or require additional information, who should I contact?

Alliance Partner Contact and Questions: Rick Iceberg, President, CJ Barrymore’s, Clinton Township, MI; mail@cjbarrymores.com; cell 810-444-2222.

Association and Industry Contact and Questions: George Smith, President, Family Entertainment Group, Barrington, IL, geosmith4756@gmail.com; cell 630-240-8261.

Conference Planning, Media and Logistics:  Ben Jones, FEC Domain Specialist, Live Oak Bank, Wilmington, NC;   benrjones@comcast.net; cell 248-884-1700.

Uncertain about your Question? Contact: Ben Jones. See above.

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